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Window Installation

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Alongside our team of roofing experts, we also have a team of specialist window installers. The process of a window installation is highly technical and must be performed by skilled teams. In order to feel reassured that the procedure will be ok, take a look at our reviews and feel reassured that this will be the case when you work with us. With an extremely experienced team who use state of the art equipment and products, you can be assured that the process will be safe, and your windows installed well with a durable and long-lasting finish. We really appreciate that window installation is a big move and our promise to you is to make sure that your investment will last for many decades to come.

Why would I need replacement windows?

There are several reasons you may opt to have your windows replaced. It may be if you are in an older property, that it is an investment into long term money saving, as a new window will reduce heat loss, thereby lowering your household bills. A new window can block drafts, reduce condensation gathering that will eventually turn to mold, as well as prevent noise entering from the outside. The aesthetic element can also be appealing, as you can use them to increase the amount of light able to come into your home and change how it opens to more easily let fresh air in.

Replacement windows

For all your residential window replacement needs, Downey Roofing Pros are the most trusted window installation service provider in our area. No matter the circumstance your home window replacement will be completed to a high standard, protecting you from the elements for many decades to come. First off, the process begins with the careful removal of your existing windows, this is a gradual and systematic procedure that will ensure no damage or breakage ensues. Next the house window replacement is brought in and a technical process takes place to tightly and evenly install the window without any gaps or holes for drafts to come through.

New window installation

If you are in the process of a new construction and are looking for an excellent quality window company, our team are the people for you. We are highly experienced in property building and have installed many of the new windows around our city. We work to the highest standard, installing the windows carefully and with expertise, taking care to be safe and thorough so that no drafts or leaks break through the sealing process.

Preparation for the installation

If you have booked in with us and all the checks have been done, there are few things to think about and get ready before we arrive. First off, check that all pathways to the window site are clear, the floor around is clean and that your curtains and blinds have been removed. Finally, if you have flower bed outside you may wish to cover it to protect it.

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