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Roof Replacement

men fixing the roof

Downey Roofing Pros are the premier roofing company in your area. As local experts, we take great pride in keeping the residents of our neighborhoods safe and protected in their home. We understand that if your roof is damaged or even beyond repair, your life becomes much more stressful. Our goal is to relieve some of that stress by performing an excellent service to completely solve all your issues, cost, and time effectively with as little worry as there can be!

Types of roofing

There are lots of different types of roofs that vary depending on their material and style. For some roofing styles, such as a flat roof house, there are several options that you can choose from when finding the right roofing solutions for you. Different materials, compositions, and effective location of guttering are all vital decisions that our team will be happy to support you through. For other properties such as those with asphalt roofing, we can perform minor repairs through to full scale roof restoration or replacement. For all other roofing styles, including metal roofing installation and repairs, we are here to provide long lasting, excellent quality roofing for you!

Roof inspection

There are many reasons that you may decide to have a roof replacement. Maybe you want to change the aesthetic, or perhaps you are suffering from leaks or insufficient protection. We offer a thorough roof inspection service that will ensure you can make educated decisions based on the practicalities and current condition of your roof. The report will include any areas that are not functioning well, are damaged or require replacing. A roof inspection is an excellent first step to take before enlisting a roof replacement, in order that all the choices made will serve you well long into the future.
Roofing replacement pr

A roof replacement service is a highly skilled job that requires many years of training and experience to do well. Our team are all highly skilled in roof construction and will construct you a roof that will last for many decades to come. First off, a full removal of your existing roof takes place. This includes the roof bed of old nails. Next, any repairs will take place to make sure that all is well before the new roofing installation begins. Depending on the style of roof you have chosen, the next stage will vary. For tiled or asphalt roofs, this includes an installation of an underlayment, then a drip edge, followed by the roof covering, a ridge cap, flashing and ridge vents.

Garage roof replacement

If you require a garage roof replacement, please feel welcome to get in touch. This is a particularly demanding job and requires a lot of specific work to ensure durability, and long-lasting protection. You will know that you need a garage roof replacement if there is a leak in the roof, or pooling water on any surfaces. You may also notice rust, tears in the roofing, rotting timber or general dampness in the foundations.

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