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Siding Installation

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Downey Roofing Pros are your go to choice for roofing work in our local area. For all your needs, we are here to help. From full scale roof replacements through to window building, guttering and siding installation our team are highly experienced in all aspects of roofing. As the premier siding contractor in Downey, CA, we are happy to help you achieve complete safety and security in all elements of your property.

What is siding?

The protective material that attaches to the exterior side of a wall on all properties is known as siding. Working as a team with your roof, it is the first defense against the elements, weatherproofing your house. They are available in a whole variety of materials, both natural and artificial, and it is important to note that it is visible, so the aesthetic does matter! For walls that are built of masonry it is not a necessary to have siding installed, although that is commonly done. For other walls including those that are wood, with steel beams, or internally framed, it is a requirement.

The siding installation process

If your property is older, we may first need to remove your existing siding. This will involve a process of assessing the material underneath for signs of damage or rot and then performing durable repairs that will set your home up properly for the future. On new constructions this step is usually quicker with a simple assessment. Once all is clear, your property will be prepped with a weatherproofing boost material. This is available in a variety of cost brackets and materials which we will be happy to assist you in choosing. Flashing is then applied to places where water is most likely to get through. Finally, a foundation layer of starter strip will be applied, followed by the siding itself, to ensure that the work will last a lifetime!

Siding repair

There are some things to look out for to see if your siding has become damaged. Make sure you check for these regularly to ensure further damage does not take place. Noticing if there are any cracks, gaps, mold, any areas that are not lying flat, or rot that is causing pealing. It is also a possible cause if your household bills have gone up. If you notice any of these issues on the exterior of your property, feel welcome to get in touch and our team will come out and assess the situation. In some instances, it will be possible to repair the problem and in others a replacement many need to take place.

Siding Replacement

Depending on the type of siding your property has, it can last up to 40 years. That will also be affected by your attention to upkeep and any damage that has taken hold. A siding replacement process will vary again based on the material used but will commonly involve the delicate process of removing your existing siding, without causing damage to your external walls before a new siding is carefully installed.

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