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About Our Team

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Downey Roofing Pros are your leading local roofing company here to help you with all your roofing needs. If you are looking for residential roofing contractors or commercial roofing contractors, we are the people to help. Having served our community for many years, we truly believe in the necessity of knowing that your roof is protecting you and your loved ones. We work with a team who are the best of the best and are all passionate about supporting our local community! As highly trained experts, who collectively have decades of experience between us, we work with the latest tools and methods and use only the highest quality products. We work hard to ensure that our clients can trust us and endeavour to be efficient with time, using processes that are methodical and faster than other companies.
We understand that requiring roof construction services, alongside all our other services, can be a cause for stress. Having issues with your roof is absolutely no fun and we do not want anyone to suffer from the strain of this. We offer the most competitive rates in the city to ensure accessibility to our work, and our range of services really ensure that we can keep everyone safe in their properties no matter their financial situation. Our priority to keep this process as stress free as possible is assisted by our willingness to explain everything to you so you fully understand what is going on your property and make decisions accordingly.

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