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Roof Repair

man spray painting the roof

As the most highly recommended roofing contractors in the city, Downey Roofing Pros are the team to support you. Offering an extremely thorough roof inspection service, and the ability to perform all necessary repairs, we will be there alongside you the whole way through this process. It is vital that you maintain an upkeep of your roofing, to ensure that you and your loved ones are kept safe. If damage goes unsolved, the potential is that it can become a very serious issue, if it is not already
Roof Inspections

With our team of highly qualified roofers, we are pleased to offer our local communities an expert service of roof inspections. Our inspector will leave no stone unturned, performing a thorough and extensive assessment of the condition of your roof and surrounding features. Once the assessment is completed, you will receive a document that lists all findings and offers proposals of any work that has been found to need doing. This service is valuable not only if you are checking in on your property’s condition, but also as a useful tool if you are intending to sell it.

Different types of roofs repair

There are many different types of roofs. Depending on the material, the type, and the age, many different types of damage can occur. After a thorough roof inspection, our team will come up with roofing solutions to best suit you. Once you have decided on the next steps, we can begin your roof restoration and repairs. With vast experience in our field, we can deal with all kinds on roofs including flat roof repair, metal roofing repairs, tile repairs, and asphalt. Our highly qualified team will provide a durable solution that will be long lasting, removing any worries that this issue will reemerge in a few years to come.

Weather damage

There are many reasons that your roof may become damaged. The most common ones that we see are because of extreme weather. Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, so the importance of ensuring it is assessed semi regularly, as well as any necessary roof repairs performed quickly, is an excellent way to prevent damage. Extreme weather can cause real problems, particularly a hail damaged roof, or from extreme winds. This may lead to the necessity of tile roof repairs, or a leaking roof which will require roof leak repairs.

24-hour emergency roof repair

Sometimes you may require an emergency call out if damage has suddenly occurred to your roof. This may feel like a complete disaster. With us at the end of your phone you can be reassured that we will be with you quickly, no matter the time of day or night! We will first off stabilize any damage to protect you from further problems. Once this preventative measure has been taken our team will be able to get on with providing the roof repairs your need, or perhaps where necessary, a full or part roof replacement.

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