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men constructing the roof

For many years, Downey Roofing Pros have been offering a range of services to our local neighbourhoods. We are proud to have enabled many property owners to relax in the knowledge that their roof is safe and will sustain for many decades to come. Our priority is to keep the people around us safe, and in order to do so we work hard to be effective and rigorous in what we do. From providing regular roof inspections to many clients across the city, through to emergency response jobs or scheduled roofing works, we are here to help you and your property!
We have experience working in both commercial and residential properties as well as a whole range of materials. If you need a complete roof replacement, we are happy to assist you in making the big decisions of what the roof will be. Our friendly team will chat through all your options, including materials, styles, and other necessary features. For other jobs such as window installation, again we will be more than happy to assist in the decision making! For smaller repairs and required action, we will openly communicate with you, offering you options where possible and supporting you on the path to fixing up your roof completely. Our priority is keeping you safe in as stress free a process as possible! The range of services that we offer to the people of Downey, CA are:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Siding Installation
  • Gutter Installation
  • Window Installation
  • Commercial Roofing
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